Roof Restoration

roof_restorationPowerclean will help you protect and enhance the appearance of your home.

Powerclean roof restorations are designed to withstand the harsh Australian conditions and protect and enhance the appearance of your most valuable asset.

Unlike other roof paints, Powerclean roof coatings offer a complete waterproof protection that is also environmentally friendly and suitable for the collection of drinking water.

You can now choose from a wide range of colours to replenish or completely transform the appearance of your roof.

Power Clean Roof Restoration Process

The team at Powerclean have years of experience restoring all types of roofs including iron, cement and terracotta roof tiles. Powerclean has developed a detailed restoration process that restores your roof to the condition of a new roof.


Stage 1

Repair or replace any damaged or chipped tiles.


Stage 2

Pressure clean the roof with an industrial pressure cleaner with a final rinse of the roof, gutters and building walls to remove any dirt or debis that has washed down from the roof and gutters.


Stage 3

Rebed ridge caps. Caps are lifted, the old cement removed and a new bed of cement laid.


Stage 4

Repointing.   A second layer of flexible pointing compound is applied over the bed of cement.


Stage 5

Sterilization.  A fungicide is applied to the roof tiles to kill any remaining spores within the tiles and prevent any future moss and lichen growth.


Stage 6

Sealing. A water based primer or enamel sealer (depending on age and condition) is sprayed onto the tiles in preparation for the membrane.


Stage 7

Coating. Two coats of roofing membrane are applied to finish the restoration process. This leaves the old porous tiles waterproof and looking like new.

We recently had our roof restored by Powerclean. We are extremely happy with the end result, our roof looks new again and we have received many compliments from neighbours on our roof. Thanks!

Belinda & Grant - Orange