Upgrade Your Molong Home with Roof Repair, Restoration, and Cleaning

When it comes to your home, your roof is an essential part. It protects you from the elements of course, like blistering winds and the scorching sun. It adds some decoration to your home’s appearance, perfectly complementing your home’s walls and window accents. It also plays a key role in the life and appearance of your home, which is why some simple maintenance is so important.

Over time, our roofs get worn down. Nature “attacks” our roofs nonstop between the beating sun, pounding rain, and piercing hail. Critters like birds can scratch up the tiles or make nests in the most inconvenience place, and the colouring of our roofs fades over time. You can get some simple maintenance done to improve the look and quality of your roof in a short amount of time.

Proper Roof Maintenance Means Repair, Restoration, and Cleaning

The first part of roof maintenance is consistent roof cleaning. When you clean your roof, it helps get rid of algae and bacteria growth. This growth looks unappealing, as it makes uneven blotches appear on your shingles. The algae can also damage your shingles. By cleaning your roof, you can get rid of algae and help extend the life of your shingles by many years.

The second part of your maintenance is roof restoration for your Molong home. Restoration involves working to restore your roof to look good as new. It helps improve the look of your roof with some simple tactics, like adding waterproof coatings.

The third part of your maintenance is roof repair. Over time, our roofs get damaged due to storms, animals, and human interference. Shingles can get broken or cracked. The roof begins to leak, and the gutter can start to break away. These problems can do more than make your roof look less than appealing. They can result in damage to your home, which will become much costlier with each passing year.

Let Us Carry out Roof Repair on your Molong Home

At Powerclean, we are ready and eager to assist with any roof problems. No job is too big (or too small) for our crew. We can handle the simplest repairs like replacing broken tiles to the most complex projects like replacing your roof. We can also carry out roof cleaning in Molong and the surrounding areas.

Our crew is made up of people fully trained in industrial cleaning and fully licensed in all aspects of painting and roof tiling. We bring this professionalism to your Molong home project. We stand by our work, which is why we offer a seven-year workmanship guarantee and a ten-year product warranty. With every project, we use the highest quality materials available (including ACE products and Shieldcoat Flexible Pointing Compounds).

We believe it’s important to care for the environment and not just our client. Our Powerclean roof coatings are environmentally friendly and even allow for the collection of drinking water. You can choose from a variety of colours to enhance your roof (or bring us a specific colour and we will match it). Whatever you need to fix your roof, we can help.