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Power Clean Roof Restoration for Industries

Power Clean Roof Restoration & Repairs & High Pressure Cleaning has become well known over our 20 years in operation for the quality of our work on residential roofs, and we also service several industries, including mine sites and large scale agriculture sites. Our extensively experienced and knowledgeable team will provide high-pressure cleaning for your roofs, making them look as good as new. For roofs in need of more than just a deep cleaning, we offer restorations and repairs overseen by a licensed builder.

What You Can Expect From Power Clean Roof Restoration Regarding Industrial Services

Whether you come to us for roof repairs, restoration, or high-pressure cleaning, you can expect the same level of professional and friendly service from our experienced team. Here is a breakdown of a few details you can expect when you call us:

  • We start by providing a free quote for our services. We are transparent with our pricing and quotes and keep you informed of all costs.
  • One of the reasons we can provide such excellent work is our use of only the highest quality materials available.
  • We are an accredited NuTech Applicator, and when it comes to painting, we offer a multitude of colours and use Shieldcoat Flexible Pointing Compounds.
  • We provide a 7 year workmanship and 10 year product warranty.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding their roofs in Australia

When it comes to roof repair, restoration and cleaning, the most common mistake home and business owners can make is to ignore the issues with their roofs. This neglect can have a negative effect on your property values, but worse, it can lead to further damage that can reduce the structural integrity of your roof. A few of the other common mistakes include:

  • Moss and other growths on your roof might seem harmless, if an eyesore, but as these grow, they aid in accumulating more debris on your roof, increasing the potential for water build-up and leaks. Worse still, for shingle and tiled roofs, it can grow underneath the shingles or tiles, making them more likely to blow away in a windstorm. Our cleaning will remove any unwanted matter.
  • You need to be able to trust the company you work with and our more than 20 years in the industry proves that we are not a ‘fly by night’ operation that might disappear in a year or two should there be another issue with your roof.

Why You Should Use Power Clean Roof Restorations

With well over 20 years of experience in the industry, servicing the whole Central West NSW, including: Orange, Bathurst, Lithgow and surrounds, our customers rely on the knowledge and skills we have obtained over the decades when they come to us for roof cleaning, repairs, and restorations. Our seven-year workmanship and ten-year product warranty provides the reassurance that the work we do on their roofs will serve them well in the future. Contact us today if you are interested in learning more about Power Clean in Orange NSW and how Power Clean Restoration & Repairs & High Pressure Cleaning can rejuvenate your roof.