Get Roof Leak Repair in the Orange Area

A leaking roof is an enormous frustration to a homeowner. The drip drip drip of the water droplets can drive you insane. The hole in your roof can bring in cold air, moisture, and allergen pollens, which can range from an inconvenience to a health hazard for those suffering from ailments like Asthma. Even with all of these annoyances, however, many homeowners view a leaky roof as an inconvenience rather than a serious problem. If the leak is small, they reason, it really cannot cause that much damage.

Unfortunately, that is not true. A leaking roof on your Orange property is a terrible situation that necessitates leaking roof repair in Orange as soon as possible.

The Threats of a Leaking Roof to Your Orange Home

A variety of factors can cause a leaking roof. Maybe the original home owner hired a professional who did not install the roof correctly. Perhaps a severe storm damaged the roof. Maybe years of no maintenance meant a worn-down roof became a broken roof. Whatever the reason, the threats a leaking roof poses can be evident from the attic to the home’s foundation.

The first thing to be damaged by a roof leak is the attic. Water can drip onto any items kept up in the attic, which can damage boxes full of sentimental items or other valuable possessions. The water can also damage the paint and plaster on the walls. Anything attached to the ceiling, like fans or lights, can be destroyed.

As the water continues dripping, it can start to tear away at the structure of your home. Wood affected by the water begins to deteriorate, leading to a weakened frame, which can become very costly to repair.

Beyond damage to your home, a leaky roof poses health concerns. Leaky roofs let in a significant amount of water, which left untreated can create a breeding ground for mould and mildew. These can wreak havoc for those with nasal congestion, asthma, and rhinitis.

Water damage also, surprisingly, causes a fire hazard. Many homes have electrical wiring in the attic or ceiling. Water leaks can cause a short-circuit, setting the foundation for a fire. These are all serious issues resulting from leaky roofs, but fortunately, they can be avoided or solved with leaking roof repair.

Get a Roof Leak Repair for your Orange Home As Soon As Possible

When you discover a leak, you want roof leak repair done now. The longer you wait, the more damage can occur. Fortunately, the Powerclean team is ready to help.

Our team is built up of people who know roofing well. We have a fully licensed builder who oversees projects to ensure they meet high standards. Those who will work on your roof are licensed in all aspects of roofing, making them fully equipped to tackle any project.

We are confident in the quality of our work, which is why we give you a seven-year workmanship and ten-year product guarantee.